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Your Child's Learning Journey

Your Child's Learning Journey


Tapestry - Online Learning Journal

Mother Goose uses an online learning journal called Tapestry for the children’s observations and assessments. The staff use Hudl's to record information about children’s learning and development, which is then instantly accessible online for families to view, via a unique login and password. Staff are able to take and add photos, videos and notes to record children’s special moments and achievements and parents then receive an email notification each time an entry is made in their child’s learning journal. Parents can also upload pictures and comments to their child’s online profile, which helps to build effective relationships between keyworkers and families.

A summative assessment is then produced at the end of each term, which provides a summary of a child’s learning and development for that particular term. Accessed via Tapestry, it documents areas for development and next steps, as well as highlighting any areas where additional support may be required.

Further information about Tapestry can be found on their website and parents can also use this link to log in to their Tapestry account and access their child’s online learning journal.