Daily Routine & Curriculum

Daily Routine and Curriculum

We plan our daily routine in line with the curriculum set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and offer a broad range of both child and adult-led activities that are fun and engaging, whilst at the same time create learning opportunities that help to develop self-confidence, independence and imagination. Our home in Wimpole Village Hall is light and spacious with our own fenced garden well equipped with trikes, climbing equipment and spaces for imagination and make believe.

The sessions are planned around a weekly topic, which is chosen to spark the children's imagination. Using our play equipment to create 'little worlds' for our children to explore and use role play, dance, stories, craft, music, discussion and even snack time to provide a range of ways to extend the children’s experiences around the topic. We provide many opportunities for the children to choose activities which interest them; those who want to write, draw, paint, build, glue or even climb are encouraged and supported. We gently introduce the children to the alphabet, numbers and colours through songs, rhymes, games and play. Other activities available to the children include (but is not limited to!) using computers, cooking, woodwork, junk modelling, sand, water and outdoor play.