Our Approach

Our Approach

Mother Goose Pre-school provides a happy, safe and caring environment in which we can offer a variety of stimulating and meaningful activities to support and encourage the children in all areas of their development. The children are constantly learning through play, discovery, communication and being active and creative. All activities and learning are planned in accordance with the children’s particular interests and needs,  and with adult support children are able to practise new skills, problem-solve, take risks and develop their social awareness.

Your child will be assigned a key-worker who will help them settle in and make the most of their time at Mother Goose. They will be in charge of your child’s educational records and will be your first point of contact to share progress, successes and concerns.

We strongly believe that play is the most effective way to engage the children’s interest and imagination and to help them to learn, build confidence and develop the social skills they will need to prepare them for full time education. We work hard to ensure that the transition from pre-school to school is as smooth as possible and as such we maintain close links with our local primary school and reception class teacher. During the Summer Term, we offer our ‘Rising Fives’ the opportunity to attend extra afternoon sessions to help with this transition, and some of these will be held at the primary school.

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